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Seaside Blues Blanket with a Custom Edging!

Seaside Blues Blanket with a Custom Edging!
The Photo by © Bodil Ekrem

Calling all crochet enthusiasts! Look at this stunning Seaside Blues blanket by Bodil Ekrem ! It's a beautiful design, and we love the addition of the custom edging that truly elevates the finished product.

The original DROPS blanket crochet in squares pattern doesn't include edging instructions, but Bodil Ekrem took it to the next level by creating a complementary edging that seamlessly integrates with the squares' design.

Here's what we know about the project:

  • Pattern: DROPS blanket crochet in squares 
  • Yarn: Perfect and Smart by Sandnes Garn
  • Hook: 7mm crochet hook
  • Finished Size: 180cm x 140cm (70in x 55in)
This blanket is a fantastic example of adding a personal touch to a pattern. It showcases the beauty of customization and the creativity of crocheters.

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